IDS11.50.xC6 버전이 Release 되었는데요....향상된 기능은 아래와 같습니다

--------------------------------------------------<IDS11.50xC6 버전의 강화된 기능 > ---------------------------------------------------------------


  • External Backups on RS Secondary Servers
  • Dynamically Start, Stop, or Restart Listen Threads
  • SQL Administration API Portal: Arguments by Functional Categories
  • Connection Manager Proxy Support
  • View Event Alarms in the Scheduler
  • Improved Transaction Information
  • Enhancements to the OpenAdmin Tool for IDS
  • Enhancements to the Schema Manager plug-in for the OpenAdmin Tool for IDS

Application Development

  • Enhancements to Merging Information into a Target Table with the MERGE Statement
  • An ALTER FRAGMENT Operation Can Now Force Out Transactions to Get Exclusive Access to Tables
  • RETAINUPDATELOCKS Environment Option
  • New Column Size Field Format for CDC Records

Enterprise Replication

  • Enhancements to the Enterprise Replication plug-in for the OpenAdmin Tool for IDS
  • Enable or Disable Enterprise Replication Event Alarms


  • XA Transaction Support for Updatable Secondary Servers in a High-availability Cluster


  • Deploying Instances with the Deployment Utility
  • Installing IDS by Using an RPM package (Linux)


  • Migrating or Upgrading High-availability Clusters
  • Upgrading to a New Server or Fix pack
  • Quickly Reverting to Your Source Server After a Failed Upgrade


  • Light Scans on Tables
  • Process Multiple Basic Text Search Queries Simultaneously


  • Load and Unload Data with External Tables


위와 같은 강화된 기능중에서
         - Listen Threads의 Dynamic하게 start/stop/restart 할수 있는 기능
         - Merge SQL구문에 대한 기능강화
         - Load and Unload Data with External Tables에 대한 기능

이 눈에 띄는군요..물론 나머진 Test 해봐야 하겠지만...목차만 보면 위의 3가지가 가장 눈에띄는 기능강화 내용인거 같네요..
궁금하신분은 직접 테스트하시는것두 좋을듯...^^